Update Firmware
  • PUT the jailbreak firmware ” BDP10X.bin” and key “encryfile.dat” to the root directory of your USB flash
  • Install the jailbreak firmware.
  • Click the button “Yes, re-install”.
  • The player will power off automatically, MAKE SURE YOUR USB FLASH IS CONNECTING TO THE PLAYER. then power on your player.
  • You will see the volume bar twice when you power on your player, that is mean jailbreak successfully.

  • 1、Please back-up the jailbreak firmware and key in case of missing the files in the future.
  • 2、If you are not sure if the volume bar has showed twice, unplug it and plug it in again. The volume bar will appear about 10 seconds later, that is mean jailbreak successfully.
  • 3、Your USB Flash has to be connected to the player at any time unless you are not using the player.
  • 4、You had better do a factory reset after upgrading to the jailbreak firmware.
  • 5、If your player is powered on, just recreate above steps.

Region codes settings
  • 1、BD:Select English for Region A, Select French for Region B, Select Chinese for Region C.
  • 2、No need to do any settings for DVD, region free.